J-1/J-2 Employment

As a J-1 student visa holder, you may be eligible for employment throughout your time at Minnesota State Mankato.  Whether it is an hourly paid position in the library or academic training, you will find the information you need to stay-in-status regarding employment on your J-1 visa here.

On-Campus Employment Academic Training Serious Economic Circumstances


J-2 Dependent Employment USCIS Employment FAQ

Fall 2020 Walk-In Immigration Advising

The Kearney Center will close effective november 16, 2020, but will continue to advise students virtually. You can book a virtual meeting via MavConnect or by emailing your advisor. Click here and follow the instructions to meet with your immigration advisor online. 
fall advising hours (subject to change):
ERIKA | 10AM-12PM (Virtual Walk-ins); 12pm-1pm (scheduled virtual appointments); TUESDAYS ONLY 7pm-9pm (virtual walk-ins/scheduled appointments) [ENTER ERIKA'S VIRTUAL SESSION HERE]
DAN |M/W in-person advising; t/th virtual advising; 1pm-3pm (walk-ins); 3pm-4pm (Scheduled Appointments); Fridays are by appointment only [ENTER DAN'S VIRTUAL SESSION HERE | chat with Dan on Microsoft Teams]
Tebarak | T Virtual walk-ins, 10am-4pm;  TH virtual walk-ins, 10am-12:30pm [enter Tebarak's virtual session here]
MUSTAFA | 10an-11am (virtual walk-ins); 11am-1pm (virtual scheduled appointments) [ENTER MUSTAFA'S VIRTUAL SESSION HERE]
hamdi |10am-12pm (virtual scheduled appointments); 3pm-4pm (virtual walk-ins)