International Student Association and RSOs

International Student Association Election for President and Vice President 2020-21

It's time to vote this week for the International Student Association's election for president and vice president! The running team is: 

Mr. Liberty Hombe, Presidential Candidate from the Republic of South Africa, and Mr. Freeman Moma, Vice- Presidential Candidate from the Democratic Republic of the Congo,  

who are running as the only candidate pairing for the ISA Election on July 13th 9 a.m. to July 17th 3 p.m. Although just one pair of candidates is remaining, the ISA Election Committee assures and follows all standards of neutrality. Therefore, we will never post anything that forces students to vote in one direction. What that means is that we will never tell any students to vote with a yes or no for these candidates. We all know that it is important to vote! We as the election committee would highly encourage you all to vote and ensure that the leaders are chosen wisely. The link is:  

Remark: A vote for the candidates will count as a YES, and a vote for "abstain" will count as a NO. As stated in earlier emails, the candidates will only win the elections if 60 percent of all votes are a “YES.”

Neither the ISA Election Committee nor Kearney Center are in favor or against the remaining candidates. We will never evaluate any statements made by the candidate pairing. 


Have a wonderful week!

Current members  

Election Committee Chair: Prabhakar Uprety  

Election Committee Members: Arnavee Maltare & Dominik Drabent  


ISA is an “umbrella” organization that brings international Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) together and seeks to serve the Minnesota State, Mankato campus and community by: 

  • Sponsoring events and activities designed to promote connection, interaction and understanding across international, cultural and domestic groups; 
  • Enhancing students’ experiences to feel included and engaged on campus; 
  • Increasing awareness of world cultures to celebrate diversity 
  • Ensuring equal opportunity to participate in its activities for all persons, regardless of race, religion, status, gender, nationality, disability or any other group distinction as set forth by state or federal anti-discrimination sanctions. 

The International Student Association had an especially memorable 2018-2019 by hosting weekly ISA Connect events, collaborating with Greek Life and the LGBT Center, hosting International Mingle Night, collaborating with the Multicultural Center for the popular World’s Got Talent event and bringing the first-ever international prom! 


Like many student organizations, ISA is composed of student leaders who assume various roles:  

  • President 
  • Vice President  
  • Secretary  
  • Treasurer 
  • Public Relations Office 
  • Events Coordinator 
  • Community Engagement Officer 
  • Student Government Liasion 

Every Spring, the student body elects the ISA president and vice president, who then select their board members to serve together. ISA team members meet every week and devote many hours to meet their goals. 

General Assembly 

One of the other most important purposes of ISA is to bring together the international student organizations previously mentioned. The “General Assembly” is comprised of ISA board members plus representatives from the various international organizations. The Assembly meets regularly with ISA (once a week) to promote interactions across cultures, support each other’s initiatives and explore how best to make a difference at Minnesota State, Mankato. 

International Student Association Office 

The ISA office is a great space meant for you! It is located in CSU 264. If you know where the computers are outside the Keraney Center, room 264 is in that direction – just keep walking! Students are heartily encourage to enjoy this casual space where students can meet new friends, enjoy some coffee or tea, watch tv, play video games and just feel at home! The office is open during normal business hours. Stop by! 



Students on the MSU campus are actively engaged in more than 200 Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs). Getting involved in activities you enjoy, goals you believe in and meeting people similar and different to you, will expand your life in ways you may not expect!  

Among these organizations are an increasing number of international Student Recognized Organizations (RSOs). Throughout the year, and during Orientation, you will be able to connect with members of these organizations. Find them on their Facebook pages or in Engage 

There will be opportunities during orientation and other times when you will see the groups on MavAve to highlight their organizations and events. They would be delighted to meet you!