Priority Deadline

Incoming students who reserve housing by March 1, 2020 are eligible to:

  • Participate in Roommate Matching to search and select a roommate;
  • Choose their room assignment.

Roommate Matching

While there are many methods to finding a roommate, Roommate Matching is the official University method to search for a roommate. Eligible students will receive notification from Residential Life on March 2 with instructions on how to access Roommate Matching in the Housing & Dining Portal. Eligible students will have March 2 - April 2 to search and find their ideal roommate.

Students who reserve housing AFTER March 1 will not be able to participate inroommate matching or preference a roommate. You will be assigned a roommate based on age, gender, and smoking preference.

Choosing your Room

Eligible students who met the priority deadline will be able to choose their room. Room Selection takes place after roommates are determined (mid-late April).

Students will receive a timeslot to go into the Housing & Dining Portal to choose their room. Timeslots are based on the date the student completed their housing reservation, so a student who completed their reservation in October will have an earlier timeslot than a student who reserved in February.

When a student's timeslot opens, they will see every room that is available at that time. Students can filter the results down to the type of room they are looking for and add it to their cart (claim it). Students can choose which community and floor they will be living on. Students may also bring in their selected roommates to the same room/suite/apartment.

Students will have a determined amount of time to make a room selection before their timeslot expires. Students who do not choose a room by expiration, will be assigned to a room based on the preferences in their housing application.