International Maverick Scholarship

Piloted Pre-Approved Experiences/Activities  

Activities Worth 6 points 

Community Advisor (all year) 

Learning Community Coordinator (all year) 

Student Government Senator (all year) 

RSO officer position (elected or appointed) (all year) 

Honors Program Student (all year) 

Residential Hall Association (all year) 

Community Council (all year) 

Student Government Committees (all year) 

Maverick Athletic program 

Big Brother/Big Sister program 

Activities Worth 3 points 

MavPASS Leader (one semester) 

Language Partner (twice a week for a semester) 

Maverick Global Ambassador (one semester) 

Serving on the CSET Student Advisory Board

Serving on the COB Advisory Council 

Short-term education abroad experience 

CPT (one semester) 

Complete one semester of Steps to Success 

Participation in a Learning Community 

Activities Worth 2 points  

Undergraduate/Graduate Research Symposium participation 

Minnesota State Mankato choir, or band member 

Being in the Integrated Business Experience (IBE) Program 

Participating in a competition team (including all academic teams) 

Activities Worth 1 point 

Performing in an approved cultural night 

International Festival Coordinator 

On-campus employment 

Cultural presentation to class or in the community 

International Education Week participant 

MLK Day activity 

5 hours of community service for one organization 

Waivers: Students on Medical Reduced Course Load; Students on Severe Economic Hardship 

Students who do not meet the scholarship requirements at the end of spring 2022 semester will lose their scholarship for the 2022-2023 academic year. 

Students who apply for emergency grant funding will have their experiences and activities reviewed. 

The KIC will review activities and experiences at the end of each semester to add/remove as necessary.  You may request consideration for an activity or experience not listed above by emailing