Strategic Partnerships

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Strategic Partnerships works to promote and deploy the talents, skills and expertise of Minnesota State University, Mankato's students, faculty and staff to address the needs of business, education and partners. Contact us today to explore opportunities for our students, faculty and staff to set in motion big ideas and real-world thinking solutions for you.

South Central Community Navigator | MBFFA

MBFFA works to enhance sustainability and growth in the agriculture and food-related sector in Region 9.

Strategic Partnerships Center

The Strategic Partnerships Center works with businesses and communities throughout the state to create mutually beneficial connections to the University. Possible partnerships could include everything from internships and employee recruitment to research, data analysis and much more.

Center for Workforce Professional Education

The Center for Workforce Professional Education helps individuals and organizations meet their educational, professional, and economic development goals by providing relevant, accessible, and high-quality training opportunities.

Small Business Development Center

The SBDC program is accredited and recognized as the most effective business assistance program in Minnesota.