Medical Emergencies

If you are involved in or witness any medical emergency, immediately call 911 or University Security (507-389-2111). Be prepared to provide the following information to the dispatcher:

  • Nature and type of injury, if known.
  • Current location of the person (i.e., building, room number).
  • If safe to do so, remain with the individual until help arrives; try to keep the individual still. Do not attempt to move a seriously injured person (unless a more serious injury or life threatening situation may result).
  • Send someone to meet emergency personnel outside and direct them to the person’s location.
  • Provide any assistance to emergency medical personnel at the scene upon request.

Exposure Control Plan
Immediate treatment for an individual exposed to blood and/or body fluids is to thoroughly wash the exposed area with non-abrasive antibacterial soap and running water. In the event of exposure, notify the Director of Environmental Health and Safety for further instructions or extended care procedures.

Communicable Disease Protocol
If you believe a student has contracted a contagious disease that may pose a health risk to others, notify the University Clinical Director of Health Services. Refer the student to Health Services for treatment or further referral. If Student Health Services is closed, students will be sent to the emergency room at ISJ Hospital. The Student Health Services Clinical Director and Medical Director will then be notified by University Security at their home numbers.

Student Health Services will determine the University’s responsibility in management of the case, including treatment and/or additional contacts. Arrangements may be made to isolate students as needed to prevent spread of the disease.

Disease/Terrorism Protocol
The Blue Earth County Public Health Services (Public Health) has the authority and responsibility to respond to a mass disaster or terrorism act. All University employees may be needed and should remain in Blue Earth county in the event of a mass disaster. Student Health Services may provide supplies and medications to public health services as needed.

The staff of Student Health Services is prepared to offer first aid at the Student Health Services Clinic. If the Student Health Services Clinic is the site of the emergency (tornado, fire, flood, etc.) or if there is a large number of injuries, Bresnan Arena (in Taylor Center) will be used. Blue Earth County Public Health and University Security will be contacted to provide additional medical personnel.