Severe Weather

There is a tornado shelter location for each building on campus. In the event of potentially severe weather, it is recommended that each occupant have access to a portable AM/FM radio, or sellular phone with erergency alert ntofication in order to follow weather updates.

Severe Weather Announcements

  • Public warning signal (radio, TV; there will be no siren unless there is danger of tornado).
  • Tune in radio to local commercial broadcast station
    • AM radio:   KYSM 1230, KTOE 1420;
    • FM radio:  KMSU 89.7, KXLP 94.1, KDOG 96.7, KEEZ 99.1, KYSM 103.5;
    • Television:  WCCO ch. 4, KEYC ch. 12 (10 on cable), KARE ch. 11, KSTP ch 5, and KMSP ch 9, to find out if the weather has caused a cancellation of MSU classes
    • Public warning signal NOAA Weather Radio , or cell phone weather apps.

Watch vs. Warning

Warning Image.jpg

Severe Weather Information

  • Tornado warning signal (3-5 minutes steady blast on Civil Defense Siren), also alert will be disseminated to University Security from National Severe Weather System.
    • Note: Sirens are tested first Wednesday of each month at 1 p.m.
  • Tornado warning announcement will be broadcast to the University Emergency Public Address System.
    • Note: This is tested on the first Wednesday of each month.
  • All persons should proceed to pre-designated tornado shelter areas. It is suggested that departments take and listen to a portable battery operated AM/FM radio to accompany you to the appropriate shelter so you are informed of weather updates, such as Tornado warning expirations or extensions.
  • Evacuate to the shelter areas – don’t be sightseers!

Tornado Warning Action:  React -  you don’t need to see the tornado.

  • Remail calm
  • Seek indoor shelter in the lowest level possible, in an interior room or hallway. Think “down and in”
  • Avoid elevators, windows, doors, and large free landing structures like auditoriums and cafeterias.
  • Crouch near the floor or under heavy, wall-supported objects.
  • Dover your head with your hands and arms. Watch out for flying debris.

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