Clinic Appointments

The following information will assist you as you are scheduling appointments.

Scheduling Your Appointment

In-person and telehealth appointments can be scheduled by calling 507-389-6276 or by scheduling through the Patient Portal. At this time, appointments are required. You may request a specific health care provider at the time you arrange your appointment.

Clinic Services include: Treatment of Illness and Injury (Primary Care), Diagnostic Laboratory, Pharmacy, Sports Medicine, Women's Health, SANE Exams, Sexually Transmitted Infection Diagnosis and Treatment, Mental Health, ADHD Services, Immunizations, Travel Abroad Consults, and more. 

Prior to the time of your appointment, please register an account or log in to the Patient Portal and complete any necesarry pre-appointment forms, such as your patient registration form, to expedite your check in process. You can also review our Notice of Privacy Practices.

Health Insurance for Your appointment

 Please bring your current insurance cards (medical and pharmacy) with you to every appointment. Student Health Services can bill to the insurance plans found here.  If you have an insurance plan that is not listed, insurance-ready receipts are available upon request and the student is responsible for submission of their own insurance claims.

Student Health Services Pharmacy can bill to most insurance companies if you have your current pharmacy card with you.

If you need to cancel your appointment

You can cancel your appointment through Patient Portal with a 24-hour notice, or by calling Student Health Services at 507-389-6276.

A "no show appointment" is defined as any provider appointment in which the patient either: 

  • Does not arrive to the appointment
  • Cancels with less than 24 hour notice
  • Arrives at the clinic 15 minutes after the expected arrival time for the provider appointment

It is at the discretion of the provider to determine if a patient is to be contacted for a no show visit. The provider will either work with his/her primary nurse to set a recall within EHR based on complexity of diagnosis and follow up or with front office staff to reschedule appointment. 

For all 15-30 minute appointments, $20 charges will be posted to the student account on the third and subsequent missed appointments.  Students are given a warning either at a following appointment or at the time he/she schedules that they will be charged at their next missed appointment. 

For 45-60+ minute appointments, $40 charges will be posted to the student account on the first and subsequent missed appointments.  Students are informed of this policy at the time he/she schedules any 45-60 minute appointment.