For those groups that are looking for somewhere new to hold their next big activity, we hope you will consider the Maverick Bullpen. Whether you are a student organization, an outside group or business, or just want to throw a birthday party, the Bullpen welcomes you! We will accommodate your group whether it is for 10 or 200. Please call in advance to make a reservation for your group.

Semester Pass

Love to bowl or play pool or just want to sharpen your skills? You can bowl or play billiards to your heart's content with a Maverick Bullpen Semester or Full Year Passes. You can have unlimited play time by purchasing semester/year passes for bowling, billiards or the combo platter bowling/billiards pass. Get your passes, build your skills and always have something to do with your free time.


*For more information about Reservations or Semester Pass, Please contact Kyle Bischoff at 507-389-1221