15 Regulation Billiard Tables

Very few college campuses offer students the billiard room found in the Maverick Bullpen. Here you will find 15 Brunswick Gold Crown billiard tables topped with school-spirited purple felt. At $4 an hour, the rates are the lowest in Mankato. Perfect for a college student or family budget.

The billiards area is also adjacent to the pedestrian walkway that connects with the library.

Billiard Course

If you want to sharpen your pooling playing skills, sign up for a billiards class taught in the Maverick Bullpen. There are 1-credit HP courses available that work to fill your general education requirements. Classes are offered each semester at a variety of times to match every student schedule.


The Maverick Bullpen Billiards Room has everything you need to show off your skills. The Bullpen offers a wide variety of house cues and bridges for players' use. We also have professional cues available for purchase at a discounted price.

Bullpen: 507-389-1321