Veterans- Deployment / Re-enrollment Checklist

Checklist (PDF)

Deployment Checklist: Minnesota State University, Mankato

  1. Inform instructors. If possible, make a copy of any documentation. By law a military member has the following options (
    1. Withdraw from courses with full refund.
    2. Take a grade of “incomplete” and be allowed to complete the course upon release from active service.
    3. Continue and complete the course for full credit through distance learning by the end of the current term as agreed to by instructor.
    4. At the instructor’s discretion you may finish the course early and be given the grade currently earned in the course.
  2. Inform advisor and/or academic department. Make sure key individuals know of your deployment. Ask if they require any leave of absence paperwork.
  3. Financial aid- if you use financial aid check to see how stopping out of your classes will impact any funds you have received and initiate processes required if you choose option a. (Withdraw) or option b. (Incompletes) for your courses.
  4. Military benefits
    1. Check with Dee Schmidt (Registrar’s Office) to see how stopping out of your classes will impact any VA benefits you have received.
    2. Provide Dee with a copy of your individual orders (needed to hold MSU email account open while deployed).

Important contacts before/during deployment

Campus Hub (Student Financial Services)

Office of the Registrar

GI Bill Certification

Veterans Resource Center

Re-enrollment checklist

(tips for returning to MSU after deployment)

  1. You do NOTneed to re-apply for admission.
  2. Have official transcripts for any college credits you received while deployed submitted to the Registrar’s Office for evaluation of credit.
  3. Contact your advisor and/or academic department to help determine which courses you need to register for to complete your program.
    1. Make sure to notify them of any additional college credits you may have received while deployed.
    2. Find the contact information for your academic department:
  4. If you have any problems registering for classes work with your academic advisor or contact the Registration Help Center at 507-389-2252.
  5. If you plan to utilize financial aid fill out the FAFSA form for the applicable academic year. Contact the Campus Hub for any questions you have about filling it out, deadlines or how the process will work.
  6. You may be eligible for increased military benefits as a result of your deployment. Contact David Schrader in the Veterans Resource Center to determine your eligibility and apply for benefits.
    1. If you will be using the same benefits you had previously used, contact Dee Schmidt in the Registrar’s Office to find out how to reactivate your military benefits.