Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards (SAPS)

Due to the change in campus operations to extend spring break and transition to the online delivery of course curriculum, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System leadership issued updated guidance that institutes temporary changes in certain academic and financial policies and procedures. In relation to the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Standard Policy, the language pertaining to Treatment of Grades and Credits is amended for the evaluation of Spring Semester 2020 grades. This process will eliminate from calculations of percent completion the credits of Spring Semester 2020 courses graded W, I or IP after March 12, 2020.

Furthermore, the ability to request changes in grading method from standard letter grade (A-F) to pass-no credit (P/NC) was expanded during the semester; after grades have been posted students will have additional opportunity to request grading method changes. If a late grade change causes a student who previously failed to meet satisfactory academic progress standards to now meet those standards, the student may submit a financial aid suspension appeal on or before June 10, 2020, for reinstatement of financial aid eligibility for summer term. Those choosing not to appeal but who meet SAPS as a result of the late grade change will have financial aid eligibility reinstated through an additional evaluation process scheduled for later in June.

What is SAPS

The Higher Education Amendments of 1986 require that a student receiving federal or state financial aid maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards (SAPS) requirements.  The SAPS criteria are necessary to ensure that students who are being funded for their educational costs are making progress towards degree completion in a timely manner.  

Academic Success

Minnesota State University, Mankato is committed to ensuring that students are successful in completing their degree programs.  The SAPS criteria allow Student Financial Services to assist students in their academic success.  Students identified as experiencing academic difficulty may be referred to and/or connected with University resources to assist them.  There are numerous services available on campus to help students meet their educational goals and achieve academic success. 

Policies, Procedures and Brochures


If you have questions about SAPS or need an appeal form - please contact the Campus Hub.