WiFi & Internet

Residents can access the Internet from outlets and wireless access points in their room.

Wired Network

To get connected to the wired network in your room, you will need a compatible ethernet cable and a device with an ethernet port. Some devices without ethernet ports support ethernet adapters, in which case a supported adapter would also be needed. To connect to the wired network, plug your ethernet cable into the wired jack in your room.

Wireless Network

A high-speed wireless network is available in living units and public areas of the residence communities.

How to Connect

  1. Navigate to your wireless settings on your phone, click the SSID that says "MyResNet Start Here".
  2. Click the option to "Login with your School Account". Username format for students is: starID@go.minnstate.edu.
  3. Once logged in, fill in the fields to complete your profile.
  4. After completing your profile, follow these steps:

Apogee instructions.png


  • Turn off "Private Address" or "MAC Randomization" in Android and Apple devices.
  • Additional devices must be registered by adding their MAC address(es) in the portal.
  • For instructions on locating your device's MAC address, click "Help me find my MAC address" on the "My Devices" page.
To return to the portal to add/delete/manage your devices or update your profile:
  • Connect to MyResNet 5G on your device.
  • Go to www.myresnet.com and click "Returning User".
  • Sign in using the format from step 2 above.

24/7 Support

CALL: 833-548-4743

TEXT: "ResNet" to 84700

CHAT: MyResNet.com

EMAIL: support@myresnet.com