Use of the laundry facilities is included for residents!

Crawford    Lower level near the Crawford Lobby.
Preska    All-Resident Laundry Room located lower level. All halls have a small laundry room on each floor.
McElroy    Lower level near F Hall. McElroy H Hall also has a small laundry room on each floor.
Julia Sears    Laundry is located on each floor.
Stadium Heights    Laundry is located on the 3rd floor in all buildings, except for Building 705 (located on the 1st floor).
  • Make sure pockets are emptied of all items- chapstick, gum, pens, money, papers, etc.
  • Pre-treat any stains – whether with detergent or a stain eliminator.
  • Load clothes loosely into the washer. Only fill clothes to the top row of holes in the wash basket. They need to be able to agitate properly or they will not get clean.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s directions on the detergent bottle/box. 2 tablespoons of soap is enough for one load.
  • 1 wash = 1 dry. Do not dry more than 1 load of clothes in the dryer.
  • Load clothes loosely into the dryer. Don’t overload the dryer as your clothes need to be able to tumble freely in order to dry thoroughly.
  • Remove clothes promptly when cycle ends to prevent wrinkles and to free up the machine for the next person.
  • Please help out the custodial staff by keeping the floor and area free of used dryer sheets, detergent containers, etc.