Group Counseling

The Counseling Center offers a variety of process, support, and psychoeducational groups. Group counseling is often a more effective approach for your presenting concern than individual counseling, and you may be recommended for one of our groups during your Screening Appointment. Let your counselor know if you are interested in group counseling (see schedule here). 

All students interested in or referred to a group will be scheduled for a 15-minute group orientation meeting with the facilitator(s) to learn more about the group and set personal goals.  

Our current groups listing includes: 

  • Understanding Self and Others (USO): This is a general therapy process group that encourages personal growth through interpersonal communication. Members benefit through exploring their relationships and communication styles, and through providing and receiving feedback. Multiple sections offered each semester. 
  • Women & Relationships: This is a feminist-oriented group for any student who identifies as a woman. This group encourages empowerment and connection through a combination of support and interpersonal process. Multiple sections offered each semester. 
  • Beyond Trauma: This is a support group for survivors of recent sexual assault. This group offers empowerment and education to help women heal from recent sexual violence. Members benefit from learning healthy coping strategies in a safe, compassionate environment.   
  • Grad Student Support: This group is for graduate students to connect and find support for common graduate school concerns – such as adviser relationships, work-life balance, stress, and job/career exploration.
  • Men's Group: This group will explore what it is to be a man at MSU, Mankato and in society today.  Members will explore themes such as masculinity and other intersecting identities, maleness, relationships, identity, and emotional intelligence, while building community and support for each other.  This group is open to anyone who identifies as a man.
  • Unboxed: Unpacking Identities:  This is a new group is for biracial, multiracial, and BIPOC folks raised in white families.  This support group is all about challenging the boxes you are asked to fit in to.  Whether it is on some form or it is other people telling you who you are, we recognize that you are bigger than those boxes.  Who you are matters.  We want to invite you to attend this group co-sponsored by OASIS and the Counseling Center to explore yourself, your community, and your identities.  

Curious about group counseling? Click here for frequently asked questions.