Homecoming Lip Sync

Annual tradition of dancing, music, and costumes.

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Lip Sync and coronation starts at 7 p.m. All of the competition teams will be competing to win the lip sync battle. Also, the Minnesota State Mankato dance team will be performing.

Following the show, the results of Royalty will be given! Come support your peers.

Lip Sync Contest (Max 200 points)

Each team will earn 100 points for participating in this event. Additional points will be given to the top three teams:

  • First Place 100 points
  • Second Place 75 points
  • Third Place 50 points

Judging Rubric

  • 15% Overall performance
  • 10% Originality
  • 10% Choreography
  • 10% Teamwork
  • 25% Someone lip syncing at all times
  • 15% Correlation to the homecoming theme(includes costume and props
  • 15% Knowledge of song lyrics


  • All routines must be performed on the space provided in Bresnan Arena.
  • By Tuesday, October 1st, 2019 at 4 p.m., you must submit a hard copy of your music via CD or flash drive to CSU 173.
  • Each routine must be between four (4) minutes and eight (8) minutes long.
  • No obscene actions are permitted.
  • No alcohol, drug, or sexual connotations are allowed.
  • At all times, someone from your team must be lip syncing to the music or points will be deducted.
  • All teams must use a song that mentions the state of Minnesota
  • All items must be removed from the performance area following the performance. Items left on the stage will result in a point reduction.
  • Must sign a waiver in order to participate.

If you do not follow the above rules, your team will be disqualified.


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