Post-Secondary Enrollment Options

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Important Note About PSEO Textbooks:

In the year 2003 the PSEO law was amended so that textbooks are now returned to the college not the high school. Section 19. Minnesota statutes 2002, section 124.D.09, subdivision 20 is amended to read: Subd. 20 Textbooks, Materials. All textbooks and equipment provided to a pupil, and paid for under subdivision 13, are the property of the pupil’s postsecondary institution. Each pupil is required to return all textbooks and equipment to the postsecondary institution after the class has ended.

All participating Post Secondary Enrollment Options students must return all textbooks/course materials to the Barnes & Noble Bookstore at Minnesota State University, Mankato, no later than the last day of the term. Students are charged 75% of the purchase price for any textbooks/course materials not returned by this deadline, as allowed by Minnesota Department of Education PSEO/Concurrent Enrollment Program Guidance.

Textbook Return Deadlines to Barnes & Noble Bookstore

  • Fall Semester 2018, December 14, 2018
  • Spring Semester 2019, May 10, 2019