2020 U-LEAD Conference

Introducing the topics and the sessions for the 2020 U-LEAD Conference! Since this year is different, we have planned to do some things differently. Instead of just a day, it is going to be a WEEK! Students will have the opportunity to choose from 2 sessions every night from Monday, October 19th to Thursday October 22nd. The sessions will be at 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM each night.

This conference is a great opportunity to learn, grow and develop a different perspective on so many things a college student might be struggling with. All students are welcome to join for as few or as many sessions as they would like!

Please note if you are attending a session, we ask that you register in advance - click the links to register - we hope to see you all there!

The sessions are as follows:

MONDAY, October 19th

7:00 PM: Navigating a Shifting Job Market During Uncertain Times

By: Career Development Center

8:00 PM: Been There, Done That: Experienced Student Leaders Share What They've Learned

By: Student Leaders

TUESDAY, October 20th

7:00 PM: Because I Said I Would - Alex Sheen (Keynote Speaker)

8:00 PM: Follow-Up Session: "Because I Said I Would," Featuring Alex Sheen - 2020 U-LEAD Conference

WEDNESDAY, October 21st

7:00 PM: Say What?! Discussing Tough Stuff with People You Care About

By:  Dr. Kristen Cvanara

8:00 PM: Overcoming Zoom Fatigue in the Academic Environment

By: Center for Academic Success

THURSDAY, October 22nd

7:00 PM: Getting Connected When Self-Isolation is Expected

By: Kim Sommers, Counseling Center

8:00 PM: Leadership 101: What Does it Mean to be A Leader?

By: Maverick Involvement Team