Cybersecurity Services

IT Solutions offers both education and awareness on cybersecurity and beyond, but also provides direct service and support to our campus. Find our main areas of service below with more information. 

Asset Management

Manage the life cycle of University owned technology assets from purchase through retirement. Ensuring secure destruction of University data residing on University owned assets. Surplus computer management: manage surplus computer assets, ensuring secure data destruction when appropriate and managing the reallocation and tracking of computer assets. Pick up of surplus computer assets when requested. The technology surplus service is the official University method for securely disposing/redistrib...

Information Security Incident Response

Investigate and respond to Information Security Incidents as outlined in the Campus Information Privacy and Security Policy. Investigate and respond to incident notifications from Minnesota State System Office or other subscribed network monitoring services. Investigate and respond to automated Digital Millennium Copyright Act Takedown Notifications. Investigate and respond to phishing messages. Investigate and respond to virus and/or malware reports. Investigate and respond to credential compro...

Information Security Risk Management

Evaluate the risk to data for exceptions to polices and/or standards. Determination for IT Solutions Information Security exceptions will be made by the Vice President for IT Solutions / CIO.