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Scammers Don’t Take Vacations – Top Tips to Avoid Getting Hacked this Summer

Scammers Don’t Take Vacations – Top Tips to Avoid Getting Hacked this Summer

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Take time to protect yourself, your devices, and sensitive information from cybercriminals this summer with our top tips.

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Cybercriminals are everywhere. Don't make it easy for them to hack your devices and compromise your information. Find tips for students, family, and friends to protect yourself from cybercrime.

The Four P's of Cybersecurity

Stay protected from cybercriminals! Learn about our pillars of cybersecurity knowledge, the Four P's - phishing, patching, passwords, and protect your devices.

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Read the latest news, tips, and insights on Information Security and Cybersecurity from IT Solutions at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

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Read the most frequently asked questions regarding Information Security. Keep your identity safe and protected!

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Suspect something suspicious? Submit your information and a short description of what you're experiencing and it will go directly to our IT Information Security team.

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IT Solutions offers both education and awareness on cybersecurity and beyond, but also provides direct service and support to our campus

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Professional staff and a team of students work year-round to keep you safe in the modern digital world.

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Listen to student hosts Raj and Sherwin as they discuss various cybersecurity topics and news.