International Partnership Development Guidelines for Minnesota State University, Mankato

The Global Education Advisory Council (GEAC) is charged with promoting the University’s commitment to cultivate global perspectives in the classroom, on campus, in the community, and through cross-cultural and international experiences. Its activities include, but are not limited to, identifying short-term and long-term goals for internationalization of Minnesota State Mankato in accordance with the University’s strategic priorities and the strategic plan for Global Education. In addition to developing criteria and processes for establishing international partnerships, the Council advises the President, Provost, and colleges on matters related to the University’s international initiatives.

International partnerships are vital to the internationalization of the campus and enhance the University’s global impact. In order to realize the full potential in a partnership and to establish the basis for long-term success, it is important to have a declared purpose, shared responsibilities, and agreed upon procedures for managing the partnership. Cooperation agreements provide the written framework for managing and evaluating partnerships, and the Minnesota State Office of General Counsel (OGC) requires that all international partnership agreements conform to the System template and that an OGC attorney review proposed agreements before institutions execute an agreement. The following guidelines are intended to ensure the partnership development process conforms to all University requirements and includes consultation with appropriate University units and personnel.

  • Review the inventory of international partnerships (Global Education web site)
  • Review Global Education Advisory Council criteria for exchange partner institutions (Global Education web site).
  • Contact relevant college Global Education Advisory Council representative(s). Discuss proposed partnership with faculty colleagues, department chair(s), and college dean(s).
  • Consult with other campus units and personnel as appropriate (e.g., Student Affairs, Institutional Diversity, etc.)
  • Request that college GEAC representative(s) present the proposal to the Council for consideration.
  • Council considers the proposal and makes a recommendation to the Council of Deans (COD).
  • Dean of Global Education notifies the faculty member(s) and department chair(s), of the COD’s recommendation.
  • Dean of Global Education requests the University contracts officer to prepare a draft agreement on the Minnesota State OGC template.
  • Contracts officer sends the draft agreement to the OGC for review and recommendations.
  • Upon approval, the contracts officer sends the draft to the proposed international partner for review.
  • Upon acceptance, the contracts officer sends two original sets of the agreement to the partner institution for signatures and the partner institution returns both sets of originals.
  • The Dean of Global Education circulates the returned agreements for signatures and returns to the contracts officer.
  • Contracts officer files one agreement and returns the other agreement to the partner.
  • The Dean of Global Education adds the partner to the inventory of institutional partners posted on the Global Education web page.

*If the agreement includes the placement of Minnesota State students at the partner institution, at least one current employee must make a site visit prior to proposing a student exchange agreement.

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