Student Portfolios

Honors students demonstrate key competencies and showcase their personal, professional, and academic development through their portfolios. Portfolios allow students to chart their progress, reflect on their learning, and demonstrate their honors experience to prospective graduate schools and employers.

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Linh Hoang
Major: Psychology
Maddison Hajek
Maddison Hajek
Major: Exercise Science
Anjola Onadipe
Major: Biomedical Sciences


Jada Harley
Major: Biomedical Sciences
Minor: Spanish
Amber Chrischilles
Major: Mass Media
Minor: Marketing & Communication Studies
Mason Vlaanderen
Major: Business Management
Minor: Business Administration
and Entrepreneurship & Innovation


Current Students

Ashlin Young
Major: Communication Disorders and Spanish
Samantha Kozelek
Major: Elementary Ed/Elementary Ed STEM
Autumn Ritter
Major: Business Management
Minor: Entrepreneurship


Colin Hanke
Major: English and Social Studies Teaching
Logan Kuskie
Major: Biomedical Sciences
Molly Hill
Major: Civil Engineering