Research-Based Reading Instruction and Interventions: Elementary Level

Online Professional Development Certificate


The course focus is on reading instruction for struggling readers.

The goal is to bring a variety of research-based pedagogical strategies into the classroom. The program consists of ten courses, and each course contains a variety of research-based pedagogical strategies. Each course is an individual entity. You can take all courses or individual courses.

Clock hours include (a) watching the video mini-lectures, (b) taking notes, (c) planning and implementing two strategies, (d) observing and analyzing the effectiveness of the strategies, and (e) completing the Report and Analysis Form. A professional development certificate can be earned by completion of the courses.

Johnson Book PhotoCourses:

  • Course 1: Reading and the Brain  (15 Clock Hours)
  • Course 2: Diagnostic Reading Inventory (20 Clock Hours)
  • Course 3: Word Identification (15 Clock Hours)
  • Course 4: Comprehension (20 Clock Hours)
  • Course 5: Fluency (15 Clock Hours)
  • Course 6: Vocabulary and Spelling Instruction (20 Clock Hours)
  • Course 7: Voluntary Reading, Instructional Approaches, and Teaching Written Expression (20 Clock Hours)
  • Course 8: Reading Lessons, Communication Skills, Grammar and Punctuation (20 Clock Hours)
  • Course 9: Action Research (20 Clock Hours)
  • Course 10: Dyslexia - Severe Reading Difficulties (20 Clock Hours)





The course is designed for general education teachers, reading specialists, special education teachers, and RTI specialists.