Serendipity Music Series

The ongoing Serendipity Music Series in the Centennial Student Union at Minnesota State University, Mankato, offers free mid-week, mid-day performances for the campus and Mankato area community that spotlight Minnesota musicians with "street-corner serenade" style performances. Passers-by can stop to listen or bring their lunch and enjoy some of Minnesota's finest musicians. The performances during fall and spring semesters are sponsored by the Centennial Student Union with support through the student activity fee.


Past Performers' Videos

SERENDIPITY MUSIC SERIES: Yesterday by Forsyth & Patrick

SMS Video: Everett Smithson Band

SMS Video: Paul Mayosich

SMS Video: Blue Ox Jazz Babies

SMS Video: Piano Man Tom Hunter


Amy Korteum*

Blue Ox Jazz Babies*

Briz & Lady

Chico Chavez

Church of Cash

Dennys Burga

Dred I Dread*

Duckshack Dave

Everett Smithson*

Fairfax AK

Fred Steele

Galactic Cowboy Orchestra

Garrett Steinberg

Good Night, Gold Dust*

Greg Herriges*

Heart of a Tinman

Hot Date

Hustle Rose

Ian Hilmer

Ian Hilmer

Jake Ilika

Jenn Melby and Sister Gin*

Laura Jackson

Lehto and Wright

Maud Hixson

Megan Hamilton

Michael Thul

Nookie Jones*


OK Factor*

Paul Booth Johnson

Paul Mayosich

PreApocalyptic Junkyard Orchestra

Rachael Kilgour

Rain Dogs

Static Panic

Sugar Babies

Tim Cheesebrow*

Tom Hunter*

Vinnie Rose

* Return Performers