University Dining Card

How it Works

University Dining Services manages all on-campus food service locations and meals plans for the University community. Although these plans are managed by University Dining Services, and not the MavCARD office, they are accessed through your MavCARD. Present your MavCARD to a University Dining Service employee for them to either scan your meal plans/dining dollar account or your MavCASH account. These are separate pools of money.

Meals can also be purchased through a MavCASH acount, and accessed in much the same way. However these are two separate pools of money. MavCASH accounts are managed through the MavCARD office.

For questions regarding your Meal Plans and Dining Dollars, contact University Dining Services.

For questions regarding MavCASH or to assure your card is functioning properly for any transaction, visit the MavCARD office and we can test it for you.

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