Frequently Asked Questions

The most asked questions for the Homecoming Concert

Can I bring a friend who’s not a student?

Yes, they must purchase a public ticket or you can purchase them a guest ticket.

If I am a student under the age of 18, can I attend?

Yes you may attend.

Can I get a ticket for my friend if I bring their mav card?

Yes, you have get one ticket per MAV card in person.

Can I bring in food or drink?

No, no food or drink is allowed

Can I bring my camera?

No, no recording devices are allowed in the performance space

Is the artist signing autographs?

All appearances of the artist are at the artist’s desecration. Should the artist take pictures and sign autographs it would follow the performance in the performance space.

If I cannot attend the concert, can I get a refund?

No, there are no refunds for purchased tickets. However you make give that ticket to anyone person for entry.

If I purchase a ticket from a Third party am I guaranteed entry to the concert?

As with purchasing a ticket from any third party, there is risk the ticket is not valid or multiple copies of that ticket have been sold. Once a ticket is scanned, any other copies of that ticket will not be allowed into the venue. Should you wish to purchase that ticket, the seller may contact the Student Activities office to transfer that ticket to another user registered with university tickets. For more information, contact Student Activities at 507-389-6076.

Where do I park?

Free event parking will be available in Lots 20 and 21 located adjacent to Blakeslee Stadium on the university campus

Is there seating for the show?

All seating is general admission. There are no seats on the floor, but there is limited room in the bleachers in the rear of the facility.

Do student’s need and ID to enter?

No they do not

Do public need an ID to enter?

No they do not

Can I bring a large purse or bag?

No they are not allowed, Small purses area allowed, but will be searched.