Emergency Grant

Minnesota State University, Mankato is pleased to offer an Emergency Grant Program to current Minnesota State Mankato students.

What is an Emergency Grant?

Too often, financial emergencies spell the end of college for low-income students.

For many students, an unexpected car repair or a medical bill can mean the end of their college hopes. While typically not large expenses, they can be enough to put these students in a serious bind: stay in college or pay the bill. By quickly delivering small grants to students encountering unexpected expenses, Minnesota State University, Mankato helps more of these students stay in school and on track for degree completion.

2021-2022 Eligibility for emergency grant

Eligible students will:

  • Be undergraduate, FAFSA - or MN Dream Act-eligible student with an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of $8,000 or less; OR
  • Be graduate, FAFSA - or MN Dream Act eligible student with with an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of $8,000 or less; AND
  • Meet with a Grant Advisor to complete an Emergency Grant Application with expense documentation; AND
  • Be enrolled during the semester funds are awarded.

Students may only benefit from an emergency grant award once.

Who can apply for an Emergency Grant?

Undergraduate and Graduate Students:

Contact a Grant Advisor today to get started.

Name Area Email Address Phone Number
Sandy Bunde Scholarships and Emergency Grants sandra.bunde@mnsu.edu 389-6416
Margaret Hesser TRIO Student Support Services margaret.hesser@mnsu.edu 389-5599
Liz Steinborn-Gourley Women's Center elizabeth.steinborn-gourley@mnsu.edu 389-6397
Kellian Clink Library Services kellian.clink@mnsu.edu 389-5152
Amy Staloch Student Success amy.staloch@mnsu.edu 389-1346
George Corey Upward Bound george.corey@mnsu.edu 389-1212
Karen Anderson Community Engagement karen.anderson@mnsu.edu 389-5783
Sarah Henderson Lee English sarah.henderson-lee@mnsu.edu 389-1359
Sandi Schnorenberg University Security sandi.schnorenberg@mnsu.edu 389-6849
Shirley Murray Allied Health and Nursing shirley.murray@mnsu.edu 389-6315
Emi Menk Student Activities/Nontraditional Students emi.menk@mnsu.edu 389-6076
Sadie Anderson CSET Advising sadie.anderson@mnsu.edu 389-5498
Dave Engen Communication Studies david.engen@mnsu.edu 389-5537
Peter Hausladen Student Success Coordinator peter.hausladen.2@mnsu.edu 389-1011
Nancy Sprengeler Educational Talent Search/TRIO nancy.sprengeler@mnsu.edu 389-6068
Oscar Gonzalez Accessibility Resources oscar.gonzalez@mnsu.edu 389-2825
Ann Swartz-Beckius OASIS Director of Retention ann-marie.swartz-beckius@mnsu.edu 389-1028
Ben Thao OASIS - Diversity and Inclusion benjamin.thao@mnsu.edu 389-2674
Rosalin Cobb OASIS - Diversity and Inclusion rosalin.cobb@mnsu.edu 389-1175
Pakou Lee OASIS - Diversity and Inclusion pakou.lee@mnsu.edu 389-1032
Pat Lienemann Library Services pat.lienemann@mnsu.edu 389-1292
Greg Wilkins Student Activities Gregory.wilkins@mnsu.edu 389-6076
Kenneth Reid African American and Mulicultural Affairs kenneth.reid@mnsu.edu 389-6207
John Bulcock  Greek Life/Off Campus Housing john.bulcock@mnsu.edu 389-5005
Tracy Stokes-Hernandez Student Relations Coordinator tracy.hernandez@mnsu.edu 389-1215
Kasi Johnson College of Nursing kasi.johnson@mnsu.edu 389-6810
Lindsay Smith Academic Advisor- Arts and Humanities lindsay.smith@mnsu.edu 389-1712
Beth Teigen Student Support Services beth.teigen@mnsu.edu 389-2797
Bobbi Urban Student Support Services bobbi.urban@mnsu.edu 389-2797
Cha Her Student Support Services cha.herher-1@mnsu.edu 389-2797
David Gardner LGBT Center david.gardner@mnsu.edu 389-1535
Mike Altomari Concurrent Enrollment michael.altomari@mnsu.edu 389-5119
Amy Roisum Foley Director of Bands amy.roisum-foley@mnsu.edu 389-2795
Amber Enz MSSA amber.enz@mnsu.edu 389-2611
Megan Huetmaker American Indian Affairs Director megan.huetmaker@mnsu.edu 389-5230
Karey Kalakain Intercollegiate Athletics karey.kalakian@mnsu.edu 389-1969
Tim Adams Military & Veteran Success tim.adams@mnsu.edu  
Dawn Armfield English dawn.armfield@mnsu.edu 389-5511
Jodie Ward Social & Behavioral Sciences jodie.ward@mnsu.edu  
Marie Slotemaker RN Completion Advising marie.slotemaker@mnsu.edu 389-1245
Laura Schultz Women's Center laura.schultz-1@mnsu.edu 389-5127
Beth Claussen Accessibility Resources beth.claussen@mnsu.edu 389-5436
Margo Druschel University Advising margo.druschel@mnsu.edu 389-1650
Bianca Alvarez OASIS bianca.alvarez@mnsu.edu 389-2799
Abdurrahman Guantai OASIS abdurrahman.guantai.2@mnsu.edu 389-2799
Katie Hodgden Career Development Center katie.hodgden@mnsu.edu 389-6062
Daniel Audi Diversity, Equity and Inclusion daniel.audi.2@mnsu.edu 389-6207
Jennifer Karlin Integrated/Iron Range Engineering jennifer.karlin@mnsu.edu 389-2744
Amy King Student Success amy.kin.2@mnsu.edu  
Valeria Alameda-Basora Director of Latinx Affairs valeria.alameda-basora@mnsu.edu 389-1719