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KMSU is a volunteer run, listener supported, free form radio station on your FM dial. We're about community and variety, and our programming is like Minnesota weather: If you don't like what you're hearing, come back in five minutes. KMSU and its Listeners: Together We Make Great Radio! LISTEN NOW!

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KMSU Radio is your local independent public radio station, serving Southern Minnesota, Northern Iowa, and the world!

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Listen to 89.7 the Maverick in your home, car, bike, or space shuttle. Seriously, you can listen anywhere!

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Arts & Cultural Heritage Project

KMSU Radio is one of several organizations in Minnesota that distributes Legacy funding in our community.  This has allowed us to fund a wide variety of arts and support the rich creative culture of our listening area.  Thank you to the voters of Minnesota for supporting the Legacy Amendment!

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CPB is the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. KMSU, and all grant recipient stations, must publicly display the following information to be eligible for grant funding.

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