Writing for Scanners

We need to write content in a way that is quickly and easily digested by our website visitors.

Write Content That Is Easy to Scan

Website visitors have a short attention span and want to find answers to their specific questions very quickly without a lot of reading.  create information chunks instead of long or complex descriptions.

Questions to Consider When Crafting or Reviewing Content:

  • What keywords are most relevant?

    • What 3-5 words would site visitors use to search for this content?
    • Am I using these keywords in headings?
  • Can I use fewer words to say the same thing?

    • Have I eliminated all adjectives and adverbs?
    • Am I using mostly simple sentences?
    • Can I simplify my sentences?
  • Can I use simpler words?

    • Am I using jargon or technical terms?
    • Am I using clichés?
    • Is there a simpler version of a word?
  • Am I being redundant?

  • Do my paragraphs consist of 3 sentences or less?

  • Are my sections short and clearly labeled with headings?

    • Do my headings use a parallel structure?
    • Do my sections consist of 3 paragraphs or less?
    • Do my headings provide strong context?
  • Am I using lists when possible?