Basic Episerver Features and Tools

Our basic features and tools section is a quick reference guide for using various features on standard pages. If your new to Episerver (our university content management system), start with the Intro to Episerver section and make sure to submit a ticket to get access to your website and formal training.

Editing Standard Pages in EpiServer

The Standard Pages template in EpiServer is designed to be used for basic information pages. Most pages on your website should use the standard page template.


View styles of buttons available for use on the Minnesota State Mankato Website.

Typography and Lists

A preview of available typography, text, and styles available in Episerver for use across the University website.

Image Guide

A guide to image sizing and requirements for the EpiServer web platform.


Available table styles and features for the website.

How to Link PDFs

How to upload and link to your pdf files in Episerver, the University's content management system.