Why Choose Minnesota State Mankato?

International students love Minnesota State Mankato for many reasons - the caring faculty, a sense of belonging, friends, family and much more. Listen to these students's reasons for coming to Minnesota State Mankato. 

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Oluwaseun Sholola, Nigeria

"Before I transferred to Minnesota, my friends
told me how [the University] and Minnesota as a state provides avenues for every student to succeed. In these
difficult times, Minnesota State Mankato has proven not to only care for me as a student, but as a human.”

Liberty Hombe, Zimbabwe

"Liberty Hombe is a sophomore Honors Biochemistry major from Zimbabwe who aspires to help individuals from all walks of life. Before coming to Minnesota State Mankato, Liberty was incredibly moved by the late President John F. Kennedy’s speech, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” From the time he learned of the famous speech, Liberty has taken the motto of helping others to heart and organizes movements to increase awareness and accessibility to those underserved in his community.

Since joining the Mankato community, Liberty recognized a need for more accessible tutoring services and brainstormed how he could improve the situation. He got straight to work and has created an online tutoring service that helps students free of charge."

Lamees Hamed, Egypt

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