Action Assessment Project

Is your department preparing for program review?

Jumpstart the process with an Action Assessment Project. These projects focus on Equity and Writing initiatives. 

These projects will enable departments to:

  • Generate meaningful assessment data using methods valued by the department
  • Use the data immediately to take deliberate, impactful action
  • Benefit from hands-on support from a designated CETL faculty lead and a graduate assistant
  • Document your work for program review purposes
  • Receive compensation to recognize your efforts

If you have questions about the process, or your department would like to pursue an Action Assessment project, email

Action Assessment Project Process

Designate a faculty member who will serve as a point of contact for the project.  All team members will be compensated for seeing the project to completion.

CETL is currently supporting action assessment projects in the following two areas:

  • Social Justice and Racial Equity 
  • Writing Across the Curriculum

Sample Focuses:

  • How are students in the major performing on disciplinary writing by the end of their program?
  • We need to develop course and program-level social justice outcomes for your department.
  • What are the experiences of students of color in our programs?
  • We would like to work on a new or existing Writing Intensive course in our major. 
  • How do students learn about racial equity in our curricula? What gaps exist?
  • We want to examine the impact of department policies and procedures on underrepresented students.

Pair with the expertise of your faculty team with the intensive support of CETL for a successful process.

  • Student Interviews/Focus Groups
  • Syllabi/Assessment Analysis
  • Curricular Matrix
  • Direct Assessment of Student Work
  • Faculty Survey

Coordinate with your CETL Faculty Lead to focus on one or more the following areas:

  • Content Learning
  • Program Requirements
  • Course/Program Outcomes
  • Course Development
  • Assignment Design