J-1 regulations

What Is J-1 Status? 

The overall purpose of the Exchange Visitor Program is to promote international educational and cultural exchange to develop mutual understanding between the people of the U.S. and other countries. J-1 students must be admitted to a degree program for a full course of study OR be engaged full time in a non-degree course of study.

J-1 Status Duration of Stay (D/S) Passport J-1 Visa DS-2019


I-94 Arrival/Departure Record Full-time Enrollment Requirements


Dependents (Spouse and Children) Graduation or Completion of Exchange Program


Fall 2020 Walk-In Immigration Advising

The Kearney Center will close effective november 16, 2020, but will continue to advise students virtually. You can book a virtual meeting via MavConnect or by emailing your advisor. Click here and follow the instructions to meet with your immigration advisor online. 
fall advising hours (subject to change):
ERIKA | 10AM-12PM (Virtual Walk-ins); 12pm-1pm (scheduled virtual appointments); TUESDAYS ONLY 7pm-9pm (virtual walk-ins/scheduled appointments) [ENTER ERIKA'S VIRTUAL SESSION HERE]
DAN |M/W in-person advising; t/th virtual advising; 1pm-3pm (walk-ins); 3pm-4pm (Scheduled Appointments); Fridays are by appointment only [ENTER DAN'S VIRTUAL SESSION HERE | chat with Dan on Microsoft Teams]
Tebarak | T Virtual walk-ins, 10am-4pm;  TH virtual walk-ins, 10am-12:30pm [enter Tebarak's virtual session here]
MUSTAFA | 10an-11am (virtual walk-ins); 11am-1pm (virtual scheduled appointments) [ENTER MUSTAFA'S VIRTUAL SESSION HERE]
hamdi |10am-12pm (virtual scheduled appointments); 3pm-4pm (virtual walk-ins)