Course Placement Policies

Minnesota State University, Mankato's course placement policies for college level math and English

New entering first year and transfer students will be placed into math and English courses using existing measures that include high school GPA, MCA, ACT, SAT, previous college level course work, or existing Accuplacer scores. International students without these determining factors should consult with an academic advisor and/or schedule a placement exam. PSEO students will be placed using the same course placement measures as new entering students.

The following rubric will be used for domestic students that have graduated high school LESS than ten years ago:

Course Placement Table (HS GPA)

High School GPA Math Placement

HS GPA 2.8+ and C- or better in HS algebra

=Math 112

HS GPA 2.8+

=Stat 154, Math 201

HS GPA 3.2+

= Math 113, Math 115, Math 130, and Math 181

HS GPA 3.8+

= Math 121


High School GPA English Placement

HS GPA 2.6+

ENG 101


Additional Policy Information: 

English 101 Course Placement (Current as of May 18, 2020) 

English 101 Course Placement (Previous - before May 2020)

Math Course Placement (Current as of May 18, 2020)

Math Course Placement (Previous - before May 2020)