Welcome to the new KMSU Web Site!

Greetings from the 21st century!

September 01, 2019 |

Photo of the KMSU Main Page

Welcome to the brand new KMSU web site!  This has been a long time in the making. The old web site had been kicking around for a few decades, and the only things it seemed to be missing were Mediafire pop up windows and dancing baby GIFs.  The new site, in our opinion, resembles something from the 21st century, so thank goodness for that.

Things that we like about the page include:

  1. You can stream KMSU in a separate pop up window when you click on the "listen to KMSU" button.
  2. All the links you need are easily found on the main page without having to hunt around.
  3. The staff profiles are up to date, and consist entirely of living beings, plus you'll find contact info for many of the hosts. Some of the profiles even feature personal content that the DJs will update from time to time.
  4. The whole thing looks pretty snazzy.

Please take a moment to click around and check it out.  Let us know (via the handy "Contact KMSU" link on the main page) what you think, and please tell us if there's anything that you'd like to see.  Like all web sites, it's an evolving and changing thing, and we'll try to keep it as user friendly as possible.

Thank you for your feedback, and an extra thanks for being a Radio Hero!

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