Grind-Fu Cinema Returns For October 2021

free day long film festival presents the iconic universal monsters

September 24, 2021 |

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                                        Grind-Fu Cinema Presents



FREE ADMISSION - there will be cake!

Minnesota State University, Mankato requires masks on campus, regardless of vaccination status. Please be mindful of your fellow moviegoers and do your part to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Thank you!

The place to be on Saturday, October 30th, is Wiecking 220 Auditorium for Grind-Fu Cinema! Grind-Fu had a long and unexpected break, but we wanted to come back for a big (and safe) day of spooky movies to get everyone in the mood for Halloween! Costumes are encouraged but not required for this FREE movie event featuring some of the most iconic movie monsters in history! 


NOON – Island of Lost Souls (1932)

Island of Lost Souls is a shocking movie, even by today's standards. It was made pre-code, meaning that the morality police hadn't stepped in to protect the fragile movie going public from the horrors that could be depicted on the big screen. People, this baby has horrors. Charles Laughton stars as the incredibly creepy Doctor Moreau, and Bela Lugosi makes his first appearance of the night as the "Sayer of the Law". All of the Grind-Fu movies will be spooky, but this one gets flat out disturbing. Go for the movie, recoil at the House of Pain, and see the movie that Devo copped their first album title from.


1:20 – The Wolf Man (1941)

Lon Chaney Jr made a lot of movies in the early days of his career, but it was The Wolf Man that became his most famous role, as well as the one that found him typecast in horror movies for the remainder of his life. Lon plays Larry Talbot, estranged son of a wealthy businessman. One thing leads to another and BLAMMO! Full moons become a real pain for ol' Larry. It's a classic tale of wolf bites man, man becomes wolf, wolf bites man. It's a cinematic snake eating it's tale, but pretty spooky and, Chaney gives a great performance. Also features Bela Lugosi in his second apperance of the evening!


2:40 – Dracula (1931)

Lugosi makes his third Grind-Fu appearance in Dracula, the film that made him a major star and haunted him for the rest of his life. Lugosi is the suave and mysterious Count Dracula, and Dwight Frye is his unhinged lackey Renfield. You can argue all you want about what the greatest vampire movie is, but this is without question the most iconic. The fact that it turns 90 this year and we're still talking about it has to count (Dracula) for something!



At this point we're going to take a break so folks can get food and the Grind-Fu team can make the necessary preparations for the night of movies that await you! 

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7:00 – Frankenstein (1931)

Boris Karloff stars at the monster (not Frankenstein) in the role that ALSO got him typecast as a horror movie actor. Colin Clive stars at the titular Doctor Frankenstein, and Dwight Frye makes his second appearance of the night as Igor, Doctor Frankenstein's sadistic assistant. Frankenstein decides he wants to give life to a man he assembled from the theoretical "best parts" of corpses. What could possibly go wrong when you tamper in God's domain? As it turns out, quite a bit.



One of our most popular Grind-Fu traditions returns with another incredible cake created by master cake artist Amber Rahe! She's done some jaw dropping work that has won awards, received international recognition, and filled the stomachs of Grind-Fu moviegoers for over a decade. Curious? YOU SHOULD BE! Check out this video of her making a cake for Grind-Fu a few years ago. She's amazing!


8:45 – Bride of Frankenstein (1935)

Karloff returns as the Monster, and this time around the Doctor wants to create a bride! The first Frankenstein is an atmospheric and spooky classic, but Bride of Frankenstein is arguably the superior film, with even more amazing weirdness and more than a little dark humor. It's the perfect way to end your Halloween pre-game night of movies!


As always, costumes are not required, but they are strongly encouraged! Bring your appetite for scares and cake to this FREE day long movie event on Saturday, October 30th! Please contact us at if you have any questions. See you there!

Minnesota State University, Mankato requires masks on campus, regardless of vaccination status. Please be mindful of your fellow moviegoers and do your part to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Thank you!

Made possible with funding from the Minnesota State Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund.

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