FlexSync Equipped Rooms

Last Updated: January 14, 2021

Below are the classrooms/rooms that have been or will be upgraded with FlexSync Technology. These rooms were identified as the highest used classrooms in partnership with Student Success, the Registrar's Office, and dean recommendations influenced by faculty feedback.

Completion Key

FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png Completed 

FlexSyncRoomIcon_InProgress.png In progress

FlexSyncRoomIcon_NotStarted.png Not started

Phase Two Classrooms

It is our intention to make progress toward the completion of some phase two classrooms before the spring 2021 semester begins, but this will ultimately depend on our vendors, equipment delivery, and timeframe.

FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.pngAH 011 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.pngNH 204 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.pngTN N363
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.pngAH 327 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.pngPA 240 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.pngTN N390
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.pngAH 029 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.pngPA 113 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.pngTR S160
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.pngAH 331 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.pngPA 126 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.pngTR S163
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.pngAH 333 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.pngTR C100 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.pngWC 349
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.pngAH 221 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.pngTR C106 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.pngWC 350
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.pngAH 332 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.pngTR C108 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.pngWH 379
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.pngAH 001 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.pngTE 211A FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.pngWH 286
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.pngAH 122 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.pngTE 211B  
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.pngCSB 250 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.pngTE 218  
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.pngFH 236 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.pngTN N268  
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.pngML 101A FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.pngTN N287  
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.pngML 101B FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.pngTN N292  
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.pngMH 112 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.pngTN N296  

Phase One Classrooms

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Armstrong Hall  Nelson Hall 
Clinical Science Building  Pennington Hall 

Edina Campus (7700 France) 

Performing Arts 
Ford Hall  Preska 
Highland Center  Taylor Center 
Highland North  Trafton buildings 
Memorial Library  Wiecking Center 
Morris Hall  Wissink Hall 

Armstrong Hall:

FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 004 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 231
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 007 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 232
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 013  FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 233
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 015 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 234
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 039 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 302
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 040 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 303
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 101 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 304
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 102 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 305
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 123 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 306
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 202 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 308
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 203 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 310
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 204 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 311
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 205 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 314
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 208 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 315
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 209 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 316
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 211 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 317
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 213 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 319
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 214 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 320
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 215 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 321
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 216 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 322
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 217 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 323
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 219 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 325
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 220 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 326
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 222 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 334
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 223B FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.pngAH 309
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png AH 225 FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.pngAH 330 (Video Conference Room - Zoom Capable)**

Clinical Science Building:

FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png CSB 112
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png CSB 212
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png CSB 312
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png CSB 350
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png CSB 351

Edina Campus (7700 France):

FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png FR 515A/B
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png FR 519
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.pngFR 517 (Video Conference Room - Zoom Capable)**

Ford Hall:

FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png FH 216

Highland Center:

FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png HC 1700A/B (Combined)

Highland North:

FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png HN 225

Memorial Library:

FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png ML 47
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png ML 109

Morris Hall:

FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png MH 013
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png MH 102
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png MH 103
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png MH 209
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png MH 212
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png MH 213
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png MH 210 (Video Conference Room - Zoom Capable)**
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png MH 211 (Video Conference Room - Zoom Capable)**

Nelson Hall:

FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png NH 001
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png NH 003
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png NH 201
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png NH 202

Pennington Hall:

FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png PH 102
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png PH 104
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png PH 110
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png PH 112
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png PH 114
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png PH 116

Performing Arts:

FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png PA 101
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png PA 104
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png PA 106


FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png PS 105
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png PS 126

Taylor Center:

FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png TC 80
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png TC 82

Trafton Center:

FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png TR C121
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.pngTR C122
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png TR C123
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png TR C124 
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png TR C128
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png TR C310
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png TR C311
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png TR C314
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png TR C317
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png TR C114 (Video Conference Room - Zoom Capable)**

Trafton East:

FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png TE 224
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png TE 225

Trafton North:

FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png TN N362B
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png TN N372

Trafton South:

FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png TS S352

Wiecking Center:

FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png WC 220
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png WC 351
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png WC 352
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png WC 353
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png WC 357
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png WC B124

Wissink Hall:

FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png WH 115
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png WH 118
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png WH 119
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png WH 125
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png WH 125A
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png WH 284
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png WH 284A
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png WH 286A
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png WH 288
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png WH 288A
FlexSyncRoomIcon_Done.png WH 289



**This is a telepresence room. These rooms are all Zoom enabled but are not installed with the full range of FlexSync equipment.

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