Trevor Braget, Technical Services Graduate Assistant

Master's Degree Candidate



As graduate assistant, Trevor assists with the technical services of the CSU for events, activities, speakers, etc. He also assists University faculty and staff with training, communication, and customer service.

Education: Current graduate student in the History Department. My previous education consists of an undergrad in Social Studies Education, an accounting degree, as well as a liberal arts degree.

Past Experience: "Prior to becoming the Tech Services GA, I taught social studies, math, language arts, and physical education at the high school and middle school levels. I've always enjoyed an active lifestyle as a karaoke DJ and musician, giving me some tech experience. During my undergraduate studies at Minnesota State Mankato, I had the privilege of being a student employee with the Adventure Education Program helping at the rock climbing facility."

"My top accomplishments since joining the CSU staff include assisting staff, students, and community members in any way possible to ensure they're getting the most positive experience from our department!"

"The most rewarding aspect of my work with students is being able to see their face light up when you've been able to help them with an important task."

"In my free time, I enjoy playing guitar, drums, and singing for a Rolling Stone cover band, rock climbing, hanging out with my cats, and reading."


Three words that best describe you? "Adventurous, patient, learner."

Three things that can always be found in your refrigerator? "Cheese, Coca-Cola, Coffee Creamer."

Name three people, living or dead, you would like to invite for dinner? Why? "Tom Petty. Growing up I was always an obsessed Tom Petty fan. As an adult, I started going to concerts of influential musicians that were on a list of musicians I had to see before they died. One summer I had the opportunity to go see Tom Petty live in Milwaukee, but decided against it and told myself, "I'll go next time he's in Minnesota." Unfortunately later that year Tom Petty passed away and I lost my chance to ever see this great musician live in concert. Barack Obama. As a former social studies teacher I am always enthralled great figures from our history, but what people don't realize is that history happens every day. History is kind to some, not so kind to others. I would really like to pick Barack Obama's brain about this concept, how he feels history will treat him, as well as just have a great chat in general. Dave Chappelle. The comedic genius that this man has brought, as well as the social intelligence he brings to the table has always blown my mind. The dinner conversation would be extremely memorable."

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