Moving Out?

Follow these tips!

Check-Out Procedures

  1. Go to your residence community Front Desk/Stadium Heights Office & request a Room Condition Waiver Envelope.
  2. Remove all belongings from your room. Carts are available on main campus.
  3. Cleaning supplies & large trash bags are available at your Front Desk/Stadium Heights Office.
  4. Remove all trash from your room & take it to the dumpster. Large dumpsters are located outside Julia Sears, in between Carkoski Commons & McElroy, and outside Crawford B/D Halls.
  5. When your room is empty and clean, return your Room Waiver Envelope with room key inside to your Front Desk/Stadium Heights Office. You will be charged if you do not return your room key.

Do This before you leave

  • Check your mailbox and take any mail/packages home.
  • Update your permanent address in E-services (main campus) or USPS (Stadium Heights) so that your mail is forwarded to the right location.
  • If you brought a bike to campus, take it home.
  • If your room has air-conditioning, turn it off before you leave.