Current Residents

Resources for students currently living in Residential Life Housing.

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Spring Closing

Follow these procedures to ensure an easy move out experience!

Spring Break

Students are eligible to stay in their room during spring break if they register by the deadline. There is no cost to stay on campus over spring break, however, there is no meal service provided and services are limited.

Winter Welcome Week

Winter Welcome Week is a fun way to welcome new and returning students back to campus for the spring semester! Join in on the many free activities and events offered.

Housing Amenities & Services

There's more to campus living than just your room. View all the services and amenities available to you to make campus living comfortable and enjoyable!


Living in a residential community requires the cooperation and understanding of every individual for successful group living. We have a strong commitment to the development of students, the promotion of civility, and the expectation that students respect the rights, property, and safety of others.