Outside Guest Restriction In Place

Exceptions Made for Move-Out Assistance

November 23, 2020 |

A message from Cindy Janney, Dean of Students and Director of Residential Life

No Outside Guests Beyond this Point

Exceptions for Move-Out Assistance

We Are All in This Together

Effective Tuesday, November 17, 2020
End date will follow reduction in COVID-19 cases*

No Outside Guests Beyond this Point

COVID-19 numbers continue to increase in Minnesota and in Blue Earth County.  In compliance with Executive Order 20-95 by Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, guidance from the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and direction from the President’s Cabinet of Minnesota State University, Mankato:

  • Outside guests are no longer allowed to visit residence hall students in the living areas of the residence communities.  
    • Outside guests are people who do not live in one of the University’s Residence Communities.  
    • The living areas of the residence communities are the spaces that require card access for entry.  Outside guests may be in common areas of residence community such as building lobbies and ground floor communicating hallways. 
  • Residence hall students may not bring outside guests past card access points and into living areas. 
  • Outside guests will be removed and residence hall student hosts will be subject to student conduct proceedings.

Exceptions for Move-Out Assistance 

Exceptions are allowed for people who are helping residence hall students who leave at Thanksgiving and need assistance moving items they are taking for the refund period and Winter Break. Students do not need to request an exception; helpers who are carrying belongings will not be asked to leave. 

We Are All In This Together

Public Health directives such as this are deployed to control the virus.  Please direct your understandable frustration at the virus, and not at CAs, Hall Directors, and other human beings who are responsible for implementing policies to keep us all safer.  I am VERY SAD that the COVID-19 infection rate is so great that these measures are required.  It is my sincere hope that infection rates will decrease and that these restrictions may be lifted soon.  

*Direction from Governor Walz, the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and the President’s Cabinet will guide the lifting of this restriction. 

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