Calum Evoniuk, Student Services Coordinator (McElroy)

Graduate Assistant

Address: 111 Carkoski Commons, Mankato, MN 56001
Phone: 507-389-2733

Education: I am currently pursuing my Master’s in Counseling and Student Affairs: College Student Affairs. Before MSU, Mankato I graduated from North Dakota State University with A B.S. in Sociology and Women and Gender Studies.
What I like about being a SSC: I like being an SSC because it gives me a lot of opportunity to meet with students and help make their experience in McElroy a positive one. I enjoy working with the desk staff as it gives me the chance to refine my leadership and supervisory skills.
Student Connections: I love working with and connecting with students and this job lets me do that while helping things to run smoothly. Getting to meet people at various points in their college journey is really cool as I get to hear a lot of different perspectives and get to know a lot of awesome people. Whether it’s residents in the building or desk staff and CAs, I feel like I am a part of a great community.
Favorite SSC Memory/Experience: My favorite experience as an SSC so far has been attending the New Student Welcome during Welcome Week. Although I am not a new undergraduate student, the welcome was still really exciting and made me feel like a part of Mankato. 
Professional Development:
I am excited for what this position will offer in terms of professional growth. I enjoy working with people and making connections and I am hoping that I can grow some of my administrative skills in my time as an SSC. Since I have the opportunity to supervise the desk staff and work closely with the Residential Life office staff, I look forward to learning how to best support the students on campus.
Position Balance and Academics: My assistantship with Residential Life has made it really easy to balance work and academics. The department is great about making sure that I am not working too much and that I have plenty of time for my classes and homework. I am made to feel as though my academics matter and so far, I’ve felt really supported in my work for my degree.
My Professional Dream:
My professional dream is pretty broad in the sense that I wouldn’t mind doing anything at a university that involves supporting students. From my past experience, the first things that come to mind as dreams or goals would be either a hall director or to work closely with orientation at a university.

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