Ashley Rieth, Program Advisor & Summer Operations Coordinator

Address: 111 Carkoski Commons, Mankato, MN 56001
Phone: 507-389-1013

Education: B.A. in International Studies and Religion studies from University of Wisconsin- Oshkosh, M.S. in Higher Education Administration from the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee.

Previous Positions: Resident Hall Coordinator at Illinois State University, Graduate Assistant of Arts and Cultural Programs at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. 

What I like about being a Maverick: I love the close campus community, the feeling of belonging that being here offers. The welcoming atmosphere, and how people are very supportive of one another.  

Professional Development/Involvement/Interests: I advise delegations to the MACURH and NACURH conference. I am passionate about developing future leaders and helping them on their path to growth. I follow the Interfaith Youth Core, a group that promotes interfaith dialogue and religious pluralism on college campuses.   

Hobbies: I am a crafter with a focus on fiber arts, but I love learning about different art and craft styles. I also spend a lot of time with my dog, Sage. 

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