Maverick Athletics partners with D & I


Track and Field is selling EQUALITY. Mavericks United -t-shirts now through Thursday, October 15th. The goal of the shirts is to help create discussions in what does EQUALITY mean for our players, as well as show unity among our maverick family.  This is an idea that has come out of the team's leadership group and Coach Chris Parno to help raise awareness.  

Please consider purchasing a $15.00 t-shirt and sharing the Track and Field Facebook post with your friends on social media - encourage your roommates, people on your dorm floor, friends, and family members to purchase a t-shirt.  We also ask that you please share with any student groups you are a part of and places you work in the community.  Track and Field is able to mail t-shirts to people outside of Mankato TOO.  It is simple to do! Just post the above picture and include the following link in your description. It will be really cool to see these shirts being worn all over campus and throughout athletics.

25% of the total sales are being donated to OASIS and Office of Multicultural Center. 

Thank you,

Mike Turgeon, T & F Head Coach

Check out the Facebook post!