Emi Menk, Assistant Director for RSOs, Leadership, and Nontraditional Students

Address: CSU 173
Phone: 507-389-6076
Email: emi.menk@mnsu.edu

Emi serves as the primary resource for campus in three areas: Recognized Student Organization programs/resources, Leadership programming, and Nontraditional Student Resources.

Education: Bachelors of Arts degree: Studio Art - Printmaking from the University of Puget Sound
Master of Science degree: Counseling and Student Personnel - College Student Affairs from Minnesota State University, Mankato

Past Experiences:  Leadership roles in multiple student organizations and active member of a sorority throughout undergraduate study; two years training and advancing professional development of employees for Verizon Wireless before pursuing her passion for working with college students; at Minnesota State Mankato, she served as a graduate assistant with the Office of New Student and Family Programs and as a Student Activities graduate advisor. She later worked with University Admissions before accepting her fulltime Student Activities position.


"My top accomplishments since joining the CSU staff include streamlining the RSO Recognition process and achieving a 100% RSO Recognition rate for Spring 2019; advising students who have gone on to be recognized for their campus and community leadership; and increasing average attendance at Leadership U's weekly workshops by 40 percent from Fall 2018 to Spring 2019.”

"The most rewarding aspect of my work with students is helping students find their voice and their passion. I love helping students push the boundaries of what they are capable of achieving!"

“I like to spend my free time taking photographs, hiking, doing yoga, baking, singing (I sing in a couple of choirs), working on DIY projects, playing video games, and hanging out with my partner and two cats -Loki and Ghost!"


  1. Three words that best describe you. Enthusiastic, tenacious, passionate”
  2. Three things that can always be found in your refrigerator. Milk, cream (for coffee), and cookie dough (usually chocolate chip)
  3. Name three people, living or dead, you would like to invite for dinner. Lin-Manuel Miranda (a. I love Hamilton, b. He seems like a lot of fun, and c. I'd like to pick his brain on a variety of topics); Hayley Williams (she was my high school idol. I still think she's awesome); Michelle Obama (brilliant, insightful, down to earth. I would love to hear her perspective and her stories!).
  4. What is something people would be surprised to know about you? I love video games! I typically enjoy platformers, action-adventure, RPG/fantasy, and puzzle games. Legend of Zelda is definitely my favorite franchise!”
  5. What superpower would you like to have? Why? Reality Alteration - being able to make anything you imagine into reality! It's the most versatile superpower- want to time travel? Just imagine it, and boom! You have time traveled. Want to teleport? Just imagine it, and it happens! The possibilities are endless.”
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