The Bowling Team

Due to the current pandemic the United States Bowling Congress has decided to postpone the Fall 2020 season of college bowling. Minnesota State will still continue to have a bowling program and look forward to Spring 2021. For more information regarding the current semester and future semesters please contact Kyle Bischoff at 507-389-1221.  

To qualify as a player on the MSU Intercollegiate Bowling Team, every student must bowl Team Tryouts, which are held in the Maverick Bullpen.

Four tryout blocks will be held. Each of these blocks will consist of 4 games. A different oil pattern will be put out each day. These conditions may be tougher than any tournament condition you have bowled on. Accuracy is a must. In order to succeed during tryouts, the bowler must be able to convert spares and play multiple different angles to the pocket.

While participating in the tryout blocks we will chart every ball thrown. We will track the following information; total pin fall, strike percentage, spare conversion percentage and opens. We will compare your numbers in each category to your teammates and do a rank order correlation to determine your standing on the team. We feel that by doing this we will identify the most well rounded bowlers. At the conclusion of the 4th Round of Tryouts, the coach will review the scores and determine 8 to 12 players who will make up the Varsity Teams.

For more information, Please contact Kyle Bischoff  at 507-389-1221

Bullpen: 507-389-1321