Meet the Firms: Careers in Accounting & Finance (CANCELLED)

Thursday, September 9, 2021
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
This event has been cancelled for fall 2021

Curious about career opportunities for Accounting and Finance majors? Looking for internships, short-term summer experiences, or a full-time job for after graduation?

Meet the Firms Accounting and Finance Career/Internship Fair

This event has been CANCELLED for Fall 2021 as of September 8, 2021

What can employers do to connect moving forward?

Employers registered for the Meet the Firms were sent information on students that were registered to attend and they are welcome to follow up with students in Handshake. Employers do have year round access to other on-campus recruiting tools including: Tabling on Mave Ave or conducting on-campus or virtual interviews. We would encourage you to consider those alternative options as a replacement for Meet the Firms.

Accounting and Finance Interview Days:
The Accounting and Finance Interview Days on September 13th and September 14th will still be held for employers that were registered prior to September 8th. If anyone who was registered to attend in-person would rather switch to a virtual format please e-mail  ASAP so we can get your information changed in our system. Essentially, this will be treated as any other typical job posting and follow up interview experience without a networking event.  If you would like to increase the number of applicants you have for your positions in order to invite them to interview, please consider sending messages to our students on Handshake.   Please make sure you invite students to sign up for their interview slot well in advance to provide enough time for them to actually do so before  September 13th (or 1 day prior to when  your interviews are scheduled to occur).

For those who had not already signed up to participate in the Interview Days but want to host interviews with our students, we recommend that you simply select an alternative date on Handshake where you allow students time to apply to your job/internship posting, for you to review the applicants and identify/outreach to those you want to invite for interviews.  We do have a limited number of interview rooms on our campus in the Career Development Center that can be used for in-person or virtual interview sessions at any time throughout the year.  Here is the link to request an interview day with us: INTERVIEW REQUEST LINK  If you have questions about requesting Interviews via Handshake: Help Articles are found HERE 

What can students do to connect moving forward?

  1. Check out job/internship postings on Handshake and apply! Utilize the Career Development Center's Quick Stop (drop-in) hours or schedule an appointment to review your application materials or get help on how to search for positions on Handshake.
  2. Consider setting up an informational interview to get to know a company of interest.
  3. If you made your resume public on Handshake and had registered to attend Meet the Firms, monitor your e-mail and Handshake CLOSELY to see if employers have reached out to you to request an interview.  Some employers will want to meet as soon as September 13th for our Accounting and Finance Interview Days on-campus. Prepare your interview skills through our tips page. Follow COVID-19 safety rules, including masking and spacing requirements. Questions about Interview Days can be directed to 


Samantha Campa

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