Small Purchases Around Campus

MavCASH is a declining balance account you can use for purchases around campus with your MavCARD and to add to your MavPRINT account. The funds you add to MavCASH can only be used where MavCASH is an accepted form of payment. Unlike a bank account, you cannot withdraw cash from your MavCASH account at an ATM, so only deposit what you expect to spend. Unused MavCASH is forfeited if there is no activity on your account for six months or longer.

Adding Funds

Choose one of three easy ways to add funds to your MavCASH account

Places to Use

How to Make a MavCASH purchase

MavCASH is not...

  • associated with the Wells Fargo Banking optional account feature of the MavCARD.
  • associated with Flex Dollars and Meal Plans - these are administered by Residential Life and University Dining Services.