​Support to Students Experiencing a Medical Emergency

Accessibility Resources offers support to students who may be hospitalized and/or experiencing medical emergencies. Students encountering medical emergencies which lead to extended absences may contact Accessibility Resources (507-389-2825). Accessibility Resources staff will collect information from the student or his/her representative, document the reason for the absence, and contact that student's instructors upon receipt of supporting medical documentation. It is the responsibility of the student (or his/her representative) to provide documentation which states the diagnosis and expected dates of absence. Fax: 507-389-1199

The information provided by Accessibility Resources does not mandate any action on behalf of the course instructor but serves to verify the absence. Students must follow up with their individual course instructors as soon as they are able to do so, in order to discuss their status in each individual class and clarify if successful course completion is possible, given the extended absence, or if other options should be considered. The Accessibility Resources staff will assist the student as needed with course advising for their particular circumstances.

Students experiencing family crises and emergencies that are not related to a medical emergency involving the student, and which lead or may lead to extended absences (two weeks or longer) should contact the Office of Student Affairs at 507-389-2121.

Temporary Health Conditions and Pregnancy

For students who are pregnant or become temporarily impaired or ill for periods longer than two weeks and require support from Accessibility Resources.