Maverick Bingo

Northwoods Bingo

Thursday, November 4, 2021
7 - 9pm
Ostrander and Zoom

Virtual Bingo - Online Via Zoom or In Person

Presented by the Student Events Team


Amazing prizes and great fun on Zoom or in person. Over $1000 in prizes. Grab a pizza, call you friends, and play with your friends wherever you want.


  • You can have one log-in for your entire apartment/room.
  • Have a separate device (phone, tablet, etc.) for your digital bingo card.
  • Always check our social media for updates.


  1. Join the Zoom meeting at
  2. Go to North Woods Bingo
    1. Click Generate
    2. Click I understand
    3. Click on spot to mark with an X or clear
  3. Bingo numbers will be called on zoom.
  4. When you have a BINGO type BINGO in the chat.
  5. Send Screen shot to one of these social media accounts
    1. Facebook
    2. Sudent Events Team Instagram page
  6. If you WIN you will be private chatted with more info.


Maddy Berndt